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IFSMA Newsletter Nr.39 PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Svētdiena, 11 aprīlis 2021 22:57
Secretary General’s Report

Just as we thought we were making progress against Covid-19 around the world, many countries have seen a resurgence and a third wave. This is having the effect of lockdowns and travel bans. The IMO, all the NGOs there and others from across the industry are now working around the clock to have the world’s seafarers designated as key workers so that they can become eligible for vaccinations through your own nation’s programmes. Currently this is the only route as WHO rules that only governments are permitted to buy vaccines from manufacturers.

Much work is underway to make an exemption for seafarers, particularly those from nations where national vaccine programmes are very limited. The
IMO, ICS and ITF are taking the lead on behalf of us all to request the WHO to make us a special case. This is not going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. I will keep you posted as and when any progress is made.

In the meantime, if you are part of a national programme, please get yourself vaccinated as this will make it much easier for crew changing. We are
in the meantime urging nations to allow you to fly out and back for crew changes using the current Crew Change Protocols.

I briefed you last month that routine work is starting to be re-established using virtual meetings. This is hard work and very time consuming, with very little time available for the meetings. Because of the large differences in time zones around the world, we only have availability for the meeting for three hours each day. Only essential work is being undertaken at the moment, but I am optimistic we will be able to get some important issues finalised at the next Maritime Safety Committee meeting in May, particularly in the area of maritime security where the continued incidence of piracy and kidnapping are on the increase in the Gulf of Guinea. So that we can be properly representation on the Working Group to discuss this issue our colleagues from the
Netherlands Association, NVKK, has kindly volunteered to represent us. As always I will keep you informed of progress.

I wish for you to sail in fair winds and following seas – keep safe.
Jim Scorer

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