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Trešdiena, 03 marts 2021 15:30
Secretary General’s Report

Last month we had some interesting news that the global merchant fleet of vessels above 100 grt has now reached over the 100,000-ship milestone for the first time, according to data from Clarksons Research. Across 100,001 ships in total, the average size of a vessel is
21,355 dwt, and the average age is 21.7 years. The estimated total value of the world fleet is $976bn across 2.1bn dwt and 1.4bn grt. Asian owners account for 46% of the deadweight, with European owners controlling 30% of the fleet.
Shipping crossed the 70,000 mark in February 2006, 15 years ago almost to the day. The average vessel size has increased by 57% since then. It is therefore of no surprise that the shipping industry is worth over US$14trillion to the world economy and it is for this reason all of the UN Agencies key NGOs are pressurising nations to treat all mariners as key workers and to ensure that mariners are vaccinated against COVID-19 to ensure this global market keeps running smoothly.

As your Secretary General I work hard with other Agencies and NGOs, but in particular the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), to try and make this happen, but it is extremely difficult when the nations’ governments are so busy looking at their own individual issues. Notwithstanding, I want you to know how much we appreciate your resilience and tolerance with the difficult situation in which you find yourselves as it has once again become more difficult to achieve regular crew changes.

In the middle of February we once again started contributing to IMO meetings with the Human Resource Training and Watchkeeping Sub-Committee, but being conducted remotely via video conferencing. This is far from ideal as we try and accommodate delegates around
the world in different time zones, we are only able to meet for 3.5 hours a day for 4 days in a week’s programme. With this much reduced timescale we were only able to cover some of the issues that were related to the current pandemic. Little was decided, but we were able to understand better what needs to be done in future meetings and clear the backlog of work. I hope that the important Maritime Safety Committee will be held at the beginning of May and I aim to report on better progress.

I am sure you enjoy the very interesting articles that Paul Owen and Paul Ridgway have put together for you again and I reiterate that we always welcome hearing from you with your articles and news, so please keep them coming. I send all my very best wishes to you, your families and crews. Stay safe.

Jim Scorer


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