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TOURIST ROUTES: German Style and Spirit PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Autors Aleksandrs Tregubovs   
Piektdiena, 14 decembris 2012 04:10


Germany, with diversified cultures, is one of the most influential European countries and economic powers. Tourists would love to discover the cultural diversity that Germany has to offer in abundance.

Main attractions

Most of the tourists perhaps think only of beer, Lederhosen and Oktoberfest when they think about Germany, but they are not well aware about the famous alpine and beer culture of the country. In Bavaria and Munich, foreigners can experience this culture, as beer is traditionally served in 1-litre mugs in major pubs and restaurants.

Things to do

Apart from enjoying the annual Oktoberfest in Germany, tourists would love to spend quality time in the Baltic sea coast mainly because of its miles of sandy beaches and resorts with fantastic islands.

Bavarian Alps, the home to the Neuschwanstein Castle, is another nice place to visit, especially for those tourists who want to experience Germany's best skiing and snowboarding resorts. A visit to Black Forest or Schwarzwald will always be memorable because it is a region with wide mountain peaks and panoramic view.

East Frisian Islands or Ostfriesische Inseln is another beautiful place to visit. It is basically a region comprising of 12 islands in the Wadden Sea. And if foreign tourists want to experience the beautiful forest area in Germany, they should visit Braunschweig and Helmstedt. This scenic "German Timber-Frame Road" is not only a haven, but also a unique place for family vacation.

Franconian Switzerland, Harz, Lake Constance, Middle Rhine Valley, Romantic Road and Schoningen are other attractive tourist places in the country.


Food lovers will love German dishes, as these items consist mainly of meat with some form of potatoes, gravy, vegetables and salad.


By plane: Travellers can catch a Germany-bound flight from anywhere in the world, as the country has a number of major airports, like Frankfurt airport, Munich airport and Dusseldorf airport. Germany's biggest airline Lufthansa and second largest airline Air Berlin serve lots of destinations throughout the country from various airports. Most importantly, flying can be the cheapest way to visit Germany mainly from other European countries. By train: If tourists want to reach Germany by train, they can avail regular train services, which connect Germany with all the neighbouring countries, especially Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic and Austria. Germany is well connected with these countries by "EuroCity" trains, although these trains are a little bit slower and slightly less comfortable as compared to other European high speed trains.


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