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Trešdiena, 07 augusts 2013 08:47


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CESMA was invited to organise its 18th AGA by both French member associations
”Association des Capitaines et Officiers de Marine Marchande” (ACOMM) and
”Association Francaise des Capitaines de Navire” (AFCAN) at the premises of the
”Maison de la Mer” at the borders of the river Loire, a very appropriate location.

Study aims to make it easier for ratings to get officer certificates PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Svētdiena, 04 augusts 2013 19:42

A new European Union project has been looking at ways to help ratings rise through the ranks to gain watchkeeping officer qualifications.

Code named RANK-UP, the two-year research has designed and charted a course giving an Able Seafarer (Deck) a direct passage to becoming an OWW.  The expertise underpinning this Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation project is drawn from trans-national partners in Cyprus, Germany, Latvia and UK. 

The project is led by Professor Captain Ralph Becker-Heins of the Bremen Shipping University under the guidance of the Latvian Maritime Administration. 

The prime objective of RANK-UP is to develop an innovative approach for ratings to upgrade their professional competence by offering the foundation programmes for upgrading that are applicable across transnational boundaries.

Existing competences have been assessed using ECVET elements and principles. The outcome is a simple customised scheme of upgrading training, complemented by shipboard placements and distance learning designed to achieve the necessary competence upgrading.

Raitings following the system will attain qualification at the STCW Convention Operational Level, as revised in 2010.  

Materials for training centres (colleges, academies etc) and on-board training have been developed, along with a career counselling guide to support ratings who are thinking about becoming officers by way of conversion training.

The exemplary conversion courses chosen within the framework of this pilot programme are Practical Navigation, English Preparation and Ship stability.  These three have been selected to cover different competence areas of seafarer’s training, including: Navigation, Communication and Cargo Handling and Stowage. Stability is generally a completely new topic for ratings, and has thus been chosen as an exemplary course as well.

Different training possibilities have been considered and described for conversion into e-learning and other distance learning formats.  The scope also includes “Standards for Training Centres” that may wish to start conversion courses for ratings, a “Self-Testing Assessment Test” for trainees who wish to find out in which areas further training is required, a “Training Record Book” for the seagoing time, and a feedback Questionnaire to evaluate the training process.

A Conference is being held in Riga, Latvia on 17th September 2013 to consider expanding the key elements of competence for upgrading and how best these can be achieved while maintaining a high standard of quality in the outcomes. 

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CESMA News, March 2013 PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Ceturtdiena, 18 aprīlis 2013 23:48


Opinions expressed in articles are those of the sources and/or authors only


In our previous CESMA NEWS we have reported on what happened before and after the ”Costa Concordia” hit a rock near the island of Giglio, now more than a year ago. 32 lives were lost as a result of the accident and the huge cruisevessel has been declared a total loss.

Costa1In an interview with the “Telegraph”, (Nautilus International), Captain Francesco Schettino has told his own story once again. He is of the opinion that he has been treated as a scapegoat to conceal the real causes of the accident. He has also concerns that the desire to blame people would prevent important safety lessons from being learned. He also hopes that the accident will leave a “legacy” for improved maritime safety, especially with regard to safety of passenger vessels. He again wants to have his side of the story heard, following all the media “gossip” that has been circulated since the accident.

Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) enters into force PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Trešdiena, 16 janvāris 2013 13:15

Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) has entered into its implementation phase. With ratification of the Convention by Russia and Philippines in August 2012 the ratification formula 30/33 (states/%tonnage) has been met and the Convention will come into full force in August 2013 The ILO's Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006 provides comprehensive rights and protection at work for the world's more than 1.2 million seafarers. The Convention aims to achieve both decent work for seafarers and secure economic interests in fair competition for quality ship-owners. As an estimated 90% of world trade is carried on ships seafarers are essential to international trade and the international economic and trade system. The new labour standard consolidates and updates more than 68 international labour standards related to the Maritime sector adopted over the last 80 years. The Convention sets out seafarers' rights to decent conditions of work on a wide range of subjects, and aims to be globally applicable, easily understandable, readily updatable and uniformly enforced. It has been designed to become a global instrument known as the "fourth pillar" of the international regulatory regime for quality shipping, complementing the key Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Detailed self assesment tool for MLC 2006.

DNV and GL to merge PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Piektdiena, 11 janvāris 2013 16:00

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Hamburg/Oslo, 20. December 2012: An agreement has been signed to merge DNV and GL. The new entity will be called DNV GL Group. It will be one of the world’s leading ship classification societies   and risk  experts in the oil and gas, renewable energy and power sectors, and among the global top three within management system certification. 

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