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IFSMA Newsletter Nr.36 PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Piektdiena, 01 janvāris 2021 12:43
Secretary General’s Report

As the pandemic still rages on around the world, there is some good news in the form of more companies developing a COVID-19 vaccine which are now starting to get clearance for use around the world. November saw the IMO issue a Resolution covering the revised Industry Crew Change Protocols for States to adopt and also encouraging States to treat seafarers as key workers. This was followed in December by a Resolution from the United Nations General Assembly and the ILO for States to treat seafarers as key workers so that they can be treated alongside others when the new COVID-19 vaccinations become available. Hopefully, we will hear more about this in the New Year. Much work is ongoing across the industry to lobby nations on your behalf and a group of us, led by the International Chamber of Shipping, are working on how we can get S seafarers vaccinated and ways in which you can be certificated for free movement around the world.

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