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IFSMA Newsletter 016 PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Trešdiena, 27 septembris 2017 21:14
International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations
1. Secretary General’s Report
2. Highlights in This Edition
3. IMB Maritime security hotline
4. The Supreme Court decision in The Ocean Victory – are there any practical lessons for masters?
5. MarineFields and Inmarsat sign MOU
6. Anatomy of an Accident
7. European e-Navigation solutions tested for human factors
8. The 4th International Maritime Mass Rescue Conference, Gothenburg 11-13 June
9. VHF Marine radios: Digital selective calling capability Automatic channel switching
10. Guayaquil Express named 16 June in Hamburg
11. The London Port Health Authority
12. Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) 98th session Part 1
13. Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) 98th session Part 2
14. Seafarer connectivity at sea barely sufficient for family video calls
15. The new UK 2015 national dataset of marine vessel traffic
16. Backing the fair treatment of seafarers
17. IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), 71st session
18. AMVER System rescue
19. New emission control norms from 2019 in Hong Kong
20. Port of Cork and Port of Xiamen accord
21. Grounded off New York City
22. Nor Lines Takeover
23. Changes in Seafarers’ Health 2011-2016
24. Joint Industry Launch of Latest Guidelines on Cyber Security
25. Maritime piracy in Q2 - 87 incidents reported
26. Two Houston Pilots to receive the 2017 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea.
27. Koji Sekimizu, Former IMO SecretaryGeneral, Awarded the IMO International Maritime Prize for 2016
28. ISWAN’s SeafarerHelp - Now available on WhatsApp
29. Australian investigation: Contact with navigation buoy
30. Autonomous Vessel Demonstration
31. Jamaica renews commitment toward International Labour Standards
32. The Nautical Institute’s Ice Navigator Training and Certification Scheme
33. Cargo liquefaction: ABTO advises Can the Can test
34. Websites to watch
35. Containers lost overboard
For full version of IFSMA Newsletter 016 click on link: IFSMA Newsletter 016