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Pirmdiena, 03 jūlijs 2017 22:02
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This year the Assembly was organized in Riga, Latvia, at the invitation of our member association, the Latvian Shipmasters’ Association (LKKA). Riga is the capital of Latvia and a city full of activity and a thousand years of history, with a rich maritime past. The meetings were organised at premises close to the waterfront and were preceded by a river cruise for all the attendants (including partners) showing the various aspects of the port of Riga.
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The yearly CESMA assembly started with the council meeting at the Harbour Master of Freeport of Riga Building, situated at the waterfront, with tugboats and ice breakers moored nearby. The Council meeting was attended by 17 representatives of 16 CESMA member associations from 13 EU countries. Shipmasters from host country Latvia, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Lithuania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Montenegro attended the council meeting. 
The council was shortly welcomed in Riga by Capt. Jazeps Spridzans, president of the LKKA. Next president, Captain Hubert Ardillon (AFCAN, France) opened the meeting and asked the general secretary to mention the apologies. Deputy president Capt. Roberto Surez, recently started his new job in the Netherlands and had no possibility to attend the meeting. The Italian Yachtmasters had no one available to attend, just as SINCOMAR in Portugal. We could welcome two newly appointed council members. Captain Ivan Conev replaces long time council member Captain Dimitar Dimitrov (who remains deputy) of the Bulgarian Shipmasters’ Association (BSMA) and Captain Ivan Sosic was appointed as successor of Captain Ivo Kucich who represented the Croatian shipmasters (ZHUPK) until now. Former president of CESMA and now council member of VDKS (Germany), is recovering from a knee operation and was represented by Dr. Wilhelm Mertens, general secretary of VDKS.
During last AGA in 2016 various amendments and adjustments to the Statutes were discussed. They will be inserted in the By-Laws as changes in the Statutes require a costly procedure at a notary. Proposal was to incorporate the function of treasurer in the CESMA Board to give the function more substance, eventually in combination with an assistant secretary position. The problem that the stipulation in the Statutes that two members of the board cannot originate from the same country, this with regard to voting, was discussed. It was decided that this issue will not be relevant as important decisions will be taken by the council and not by the board. Herewith the amendment in the By-Laws was unanimously accorded by the council. It was also decided to cancel entrance fees for new members as modern communication ways have simplified administration work and make membership more attractive.
According to the reports by the general secretary, on financial matters and activities, including representations, we can conclude that 2016 was another successful year. Membership was stable in 2016 with 18 shipmasters’ associations from 14 European nations and a number of individual members. A number of associations is invited and are considering membership.
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To communicate with members and inform other parties about the activities of CESMA, the upgraded lay-out of the CESMA NEWS is discussed and considered an improvement, although it turned out to be more expensive. The website urgently needs upgrading. The problem is with the provider, which is not inclined to deliver the right transfer codes. We are looking now at other possibilities such as face book to inform members and interested parties about the latest developments in CESMA.
As also discussed last year, good cooperation with other maritime associations and bodies will be continued. Good ties with organisations such as EMSA, IFSMA and the Nautical Institute, are important for CESMA as they could influence discussions and decisions being made at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in London where the final decisions on international maritime safety and security are taken. It remains regrettable that the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, the only independent shipmasters association in the UK, is not interested to join CESMA, especially after Brexit has become a fact.
 cesma aga2Our sincerest appreciation goes to the Harbourmaster of the Freeport of Riga, Captain Arturs Brokovskis-Vavods, a distinguished member of the Latvian Shipmasters’ Association, who was our host and facilitated the premises for this successful council meeting in Riga. (FVW)
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