2012 IFSMA 38thAnnual General Assembly, 14th and 15th of June Drukāt
Piektdiena, 15 jūnijs 2012 00:00

ifsma 2012 copenhagen On 14th and 15th of June, 2012 IFSMA 38thAnnual General Assembly was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The meeting was opened by Danish Maritime Officers and welcomed by Captain Christer Lindvall, President of IFSMA.  The assembly was presented by more then 20 countries and participated by 44 IFSMA members. All eventswere well organized and hosted by Danish Maritime Officers organization. Latvia was presented by Captain JazepsSpridzans president of LSMA and Captain Artis Ozols Executive Secretary of LSMA.

IFSMA 2012 General Assembly

New Secretary General Capt. John W. Dickiewas elected and his vision for the future review of IFSMA presented.  Here below comes extract of his future vision presentation:



Numbers Increase 20% over 5 years

New Associationsto join Contact Associations

Individual Members encourage them to join an Association but if they do not have one still join as

Individual Members

Increase revenue from new sources, where possible

Not by increasing membership fees.

Increase membership numbers

Raising income from projects

Requests for speaking at conferences etc

Work with IMO/ILO on projects

Option to create IFSMA publications / courses

Visit of Secretary General to National Associations

Whenever possible the Secretary General will visit global branches while travelling on business, to save costs. Next visit is Varna, Bulgaria, before the end of this month

As my business schedule allows costs for such visits these will not be to the account of IFSMA

There is the matter of using the List of National Associations, having this circulated and records kept of contacts made with them



Whenever possible the Secretary General will try to raise the profile of IFSMA at the International Maritime Organization. Build on the relationships already in place and create new ones with flag administrations and NGOs.  Attend as many sessions as possible over the year.

Work with National Associations to ensure that all sessions are covered by someone representing IFSMA.



There were accepted 12 IFSMA resolutions, such as:

IFSMA Res. 1/2012 ( AGA 38),  Further Development of SMCP ( Standard Marine Communication Phrases)

IFSMA Res. 2/2012 ( AGA 38), Safety of Passenger Vessels

IFSMA Res. 3/2012 ( AGA 38), Criminalization of Ship Masters

IFSMA Res. 4/2012 ( AGA 38), Cross Mentoring

IFSMA Res. 5/2012 ( AGA 38), Victims of Piracy

IFSMA Res. 6/2012 ( AGA 38), Coping with Capture

IFSMA Res. 7/2012 ( AGA 38), Fatigue

IFSMA Res. 8/2012 ( AGA 38), MLC 2006

IFSMA Res. 9/2012 ( AGA 38), Navigation Bridge Visibility

IFSMA Res. 10/2012 ( AGA 38), Green House Gas Programmes

IFSMA Res. 11/2012 ( AGA 38), Mass Rescue

IFSMA Res. 12/2012 ( AGA 38), Lean Ship of The Future

The following presentations were made by members during AGA which was followed by active discussions and opinions.  Presentations:

My Vision for the Future of IFSMAby John Dickie

MARPOLby SudhirSubhedar

The Human Face of Piracy, Seafarer's Perspectiveby RaffatZaheer

Developing Leadership through Cross Mentoringby Mario Stadelmann

English as a Working Languageby Matthias Meyer

Protecting and Advancing Seafararers' Rightsby Deirdre Fiztpatrick

Safety of Passenger Shipsby Marcel van den Broek

Ballast Water Management Convention & Challenges for Mastersby Peter Rassmussen

Safety at Sea and in Ports in Times of Tsunami Crisisby Captain S. Kojima

ECDIS &ENav from the Pilots Point of Viewby Nick Cutmore of IMPA

Company of Master Mariners Australia - Way Forwardby Steve Harris


More detailed text of accepted IFSMA resolutions and presentations by IFSMA participants can be found on IFSMA home page: http://www.ifsma.org/, as well as some pictures and presentations made by Danish Maritime Officers are presented on home page www.soefartensledere.dk. See link http://www.soefartensledere.dk/kontakt/pressekontakt/ifsma-general-assembly-2012-downloads.aspx

It was agreed and confirmed Melbourne/Australia as AGA venue for 2013.  The agreed days for venue were on 10 -12 of April, 2013.

As conclusion of mine, I can say that it was a very fruitful venue socially and professionally. It was nice to see so many Captains from different world gathered together. ‘’When we are together and united we havepower’’, this is the feeling I received during AGA of IFSMA.


Artis Ozols

LSMA Executive Secretary