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CESMA News, October 2017 PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Otrdiena, 10 oktobris 2017 11:36
Opinions expressed in articles are those of the sources and/or authors only
CESMA assembled at the premises of the Freeport Riga Authority at the invitation of the Latvian Shipmasters’ Association (LKKA).The meeting was attended by 17 representatives from 13 European nations and 16 shipmasters from the Latvian association, as well as representatives from the press and speakers.
As usual, the Assembly started with a small seminar on actual maritime issues.
The speakers were introduced by CESMA president Captain Hubert Ardillon.
1. Ms Aneta Logina (World Maritime University) and Latvian citizen, talked about “Criminal procedures and sanctions against seafarers after large-scale ship-source pollution”. This thesis was made by Ms. Logina to obtain a PhD in Maritime Affairs at the WMU in Sweden. The complete study, including a checklist, can be found on the Digital Repository of the WMU website: http// dissertations/508.
2. Capt. Dimitar Dimitrov (BSMA, Bulgaria) presented a paper on the IMO Maritime Ambassador Scheme – Tool to return the attractiveness of the maritime profession. (see complete text in this issue of the CESMA NEWS).
3. Capt. Mrs. Cajsa Jerler Fransson of the Swedish Administration talked about the EU Effiensea / STM project. STM (Sea Traffic Management) is now in its second phase which means that about 300 vessels are in a trial phase in the Nordic and Mediterranean area. The basic principle is information exchange between instruments or machines on board and ashore, so that some of the workload of the officers is taken over by automatic data exchange. This can by anything and by everybody; authorities, agents, crewing agents, owners. All this information is gathered in the so-called ”Maritime Cloud”. The project is co-funding the project which is a successor to the Mona Lisa 2 project. CESMA sits in the Advisory Board and will attend the mid-term conference of the project in Treviso, Italy, on 12 September 2017.
Freeport of Riga Authority
 The afternoon session was dedicated to the CESMA Annual General Assembly, presided by Capt. Hubert Ardillon. The agenda is updated every year according to the latest developments and bring these up for discussion. Although no new cases came to our attention, criminalisation of seafarers remains and has to remain on the CESMA agenda. Capt. Giovanni Lettich (CNPC, Italy) reported on the developments of the accident in 2013 of the ”Jolly Nero” where 9 people lost their lives when the vessel, during manoeuvring in the narrow port basin, hit the manned harbour control tower, situated near the edge of the quay side, causing it to collapse. Cause of the accident, probably malfunctioning of the engines not following the orders from the bridge. So far the captain, pilot officer and chief engineer are convicted to heavy prison sentences from 7 up to 10 years. Case is still not settled.
12th May, day of the Assembly, was the day that the final verdict after his appeal of Capt. Schettino of the ”Costa Concordia” was to be made public. The 16 years in prison was found to be extraordinary by the Assembly, particularly in comparison with the punishment of notorious criminals in Italy. It shows that Capt. Schettino, who has admitted guilt over part of the accusations concerning the accident, is used as a scapegoat to hide shortcomings in the construction and operation of the vessel.
It was again mentioned that masters should consider a personal assurance to cope with any cases of criminalisation in foreign countries as many ship owners or operators tend to end their assistance or responsibility on the moment that there is any doubt about the guilt of the person concerned, even if there is no proof or final verdict of the local court of justice.
Piracy was shortly discussed. The Assembly has noted a downfall in the number of attacks near Somalia but warns for an upsurge as soon as the attention for proper countermeasures will decrease. It also urges the European Union to maintain a naval presence in the area. In other areas, such as Southeast Asia and the Gulf of Guinea, piracy and kidnappings are still frequently happening.
Fatigue was another point on the agenda. The 6 on / 6 off watch system is again considered reprehensible as it very well could lead to fatigue of the seafarers concerned. Proper checking of work/rest hours lists by Port State Control officers could be of welcome assistance in this respect. Some countries, like Spain, refuse admittance to their ports of ships using the 6 on / 6 off watch system. The Assembly also noted a positive tendency. The number of ships, operated under the system, is decreasing. The results of the MARTHA project, which was recently presented at the IMO, and involves the problems of fatigue, was acclaimed by the Assembly.
IFSMA Newsletter 016 PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Trešdiena, 27 septembris 2017 21:14
International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations
1. Secretary General’s Report
2. Highlights in This Edition
3. IMB Maritime security hotline
4. The Supreme Court decision in The Ocean Victory – are there any practical lessons for masters?
5. MarineFields and Inmarsat sign MOU
6. Anatomy of an Accident
7. European e-Navigation solutions tested for human factors
8. The 4th International Maritime Mass Rescue Conference, Gothenburg 11-13 June
9. VHF Marine radios: Digital selective calling capability Automatic channel switching
10. Guayaquil Express named 16 June in Hamburg
11. The London Port Health Authority
12. Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) 98th session Part 1
13. Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) 98th session Part 2
14. Seafarer connectivity at sea barely sufficient for family video calls
15. The new UK 2015 national dataset of marine vessel traffic
16. Backing the fair treatment of seafarers
17. IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), 71st session
18. AMVER System rescue
19. New emission control norms from 2019 in Hong Kong
20. Port of Cork and Port of Xiamen accord
21. Grounded off New York City
22. Nor Lines Takeover
23. Changes in Seafarers’ Health 2011-2016
24. Joint Industry Launch of Latest Guidelines on Cyber Security
25. Maritime piracy in Q2 - 87 incidents reported
26. Two Houston Pilots to receive the 2017 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea.
27. Koji Sekimizu, Former IMO SecretaryGeneral, Awarded the IMO International Maritime Prize for 2016
28. ISWAN’s SeafarerHelp - Now available on WhatsApp
29. Australian investigation: Contact with navigation buoy
30. Autonomous Vessel Demonstration
31. Jamaica renews commitment toward International Labour Standards
32. The Nautical Institute’s Ice Navigator Training and Certification Scheme
33. Cargo liquefaction: ABTO advises Can the Can test
34. Websites to watch
35. Containers lost overboard
For full version of IFSMA Newsletter 016 click on link: IFSMA Newsletter 016
Changes in seafarers’ health 2011-2016: A summary report PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Trešdiena, 26 jūlijs 2017 22:02
Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) of Cardiff University carried out research relating to seafarers’ health and medication. On completion of research detailed report was issued. This report sets out to provide a brief overview of the results of a questionnaire administered in  both 2011 and 2016 relating to seafarers’ health and medication.
For Findings, Conlusion and Recommendations read full report here: Changes in seafarers’ health 2011‐16: A summary report
Authors - Helen Sampson, Neil Ellis, Iris Acejo, Nelson Turgo
CESMA News, June 2017 PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Pirmdiena, 03 jūlijs 2017 22:02
Opinions expressed in articles are those of the sources and/or authors only
This year the Assembly was organized in Riga, Latvia, at the invitation of our member association, the Latvian Shipmasters’ Association (LKKA). Riga is the capital of Latvia and a city full of activity and a thousand years of history, with a rich maritime past. The meetings were organised at premises close to the waterfront and were preceded by a river cruise for all the attendants (including partners) showing the various aspects of the port of Riga.
 cesma aga
IFSMA Newsletter 015 PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Trešdiena, 28 jūnijs 2017 22:47
International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations
1. Secretary General’s Report
2. IMO Publications
3. Regulations for Air Emissions from Ships
5. AMSA Port State Control Report 2016
6. New Videotel Training Title
7. Safeguarding Responsible and Sustainable Shipping
8. State of Maritime Piracy 2016
9. Somalia Piracy Resurgence
10. Black Boxes and Drones
11. Report into breakaway of Spirit of Tasmania II
12. AAPA Launches America: Keep It Moving Campaign
13. ICS Launches 2017 Annual Review
15. Maritime Evidence Guidelines
16. A Tour Around the Subject of Command
17. Official Nautical Charts
18. The Huge Storm in the Port of Montevideo
19. DNV GL wins DAkkS* accreditation as EU MRV verifier
20. University of Panama
21. Stena Imagination named in Dubai
22. Making Denmark a global maritime stronghold
23. Liverpool and Maritime Training
24. Propulsion failure Norwegian Star
25. Learning from accidents
26. Less Cash Onboard Reduces Costs
27. Upgrade to ISF Watchkeeper simplifies work hour records
28. Promoting digital certificates
29. WMU and DNV GL Maritime Academy
For full version of IFSMA Newsletter 015 click on link: IFSMA Newsletter 015
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