TOURIST ROUTES: Around the World for USD 1000 Drukāt
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Round-the-World and Circle-Pacific Tickets

    These are a series of tickets on one or several airlines pieced together by a travel agent, offering multiple stops. Usually only the first leg must be booked in advance.

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Travel must be completed within one year from departure. Any route can be configured, but bucket shops advertise the especially good deals, which often include carriers such as Garuda Indonesia and Air India that allow free or cheap stopovers.

Following are low-season examples. Expect to pay $200 more for travel beginning June 1 to August 31, and various airport and departure taxes of $7 to $20 per stop. Check the Sunday travel sections of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Examiner, London Times, etc. for similar deals.

  • Los Angeles--Honolulu--Bangkok--Singapore--Tokyo--L.A. for $1000.
  • L.A.--Hong Kong--Bangkok--Bombay--Delhi--London--New York for $1200.
  • New York--Hong Kong--Bangkok--Jakarta--Bali--Sydney--Auckland-- Tahiti--L.A.--New York for $1800.
  • New York--London--Moscow--Nairobi--Bombay--Delhi--Katmandu-- Seoul--New York for $1900.