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Ticket and Flying Glossary

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Advance Purchase EXcursion. This is the standard discount ticket available from airlines and most regular travel agents. Depending on the airline, these tickets require a seven to thirty day advance purchase, a minimum stay of usually seven days, and a maximum stay of thirty or sixty days, sometimes longer. Round trip is required, and fees are usually charged for date changes or cancellation.
Open jaw
A ticket which allows you to fly into one city and return from another. For example, you might fly into London, travel Europe by train, and then return to the U.S. from Athens. Open-jaw tickets usually cost more than a regular return ticket from one city, but convenience makes up for that. Not every travel agent or airline sells open-jaw tickets for a reasonable price, but some budget agencies specialize in them.
Open return
A round-trip ticket which allows you to make the return flight at any time--providing there is space--during the period the ticket is valid.
One-year ticket
This Cadillac of tickets is generally a full-fare that allows changes and cancellations without penalty for up to one-year. It should also be fully-refundable. While you usually cannot get a discounted one-year ticket directly from the airline or most mom-and-pop travel agents, they are sometimes available from bucket shops.
One-way ticket
Usually costs more than half of a round-trip, but sometimes the same or even twice as much. The great risk with one-ways is the return may be astronomically priced or unavailable when you desperately need it. Nevertheless this is my preferred ticket (when cheap enough) since I like the feeling of being uncommitted to place and date, and because my travel is mostly limited by money, not time.
For international flights, but especially those originating outside the United States, call the airline to confirm your reservation at least 72 hours before the flight regardless of what your ticket says. Otherwise your seat may be given to someone's cousin on the waiting list.
Bucket shops
Experience tells the airlines that a certain number of seats are going to be empty on certain flights, so they discount that space--sometimes heavily--to travel agencies variously known as bucket shops, consolidators, and discounters. These agencies mostly serve individuals who are only going to fly cheaply or not at all. This maximizes airline revenue by forcing customers of regular travel agencies to pay non-discounted prices. Some regular travel agents may be able to get discounted tickets from wholesalers.
A middle-man who handles discounted tickets between airlines and bucket shops.
One of the best ways to find discounted tickets is to check the Sunday travel sections of major newspapers, such as (for the U.S.) The New York Times, San Francisco Examiner, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, and Miami Herald. (The latter three are good for flights to Latin America.) USA Today, The L.A. Weekly, and The Village Voice also have bucket shop advertisements. Some agencies clearly label one-way and round-trip fares, while others list "half-round-trip" to make prices seem lower.
Travel agency newspaper competition. Throughout the world low market prices are easily determined from competitive advertising in major newspapers. Since the ads are costly some level of legitimacy may be assured.
Onward ticket requirement
Many countries, such as the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand, require visitors to have in their possession upon arrival a valid airline ticket out of the country. Bus or train tickets are usually not acceptable. Most airlines will check that you have an onward ticket before allowing you to board, as they are responsible should you not be admitted. 
International Air Transport Association. Organization of most (270) of the world's major airlines.
Miscellaneous Charges Order. Can be bought in any denomination and traded for tickets or cash with IATA airlines. MCO's look like airline tickets, so they may meet the onward ticket requirement for some countries.
Some airlines allow you to disembark when the plane stops along the way to somewhere, and then continue your journey up to one year later. On some routes on some airlines there is no charge for this valuable privilege, while others charge $50 to $100, or much more.
If you can find an airline with free or cheap stopovers you can create a great ticket for not much money. On Air India you could stopover in Bangkok on your way from Los Angeles to Delhi, and in Hong Kong or Singapore on your way back. For thirty years IcelandAir lured backpackers with free Reykjavík stopovers on a New York to Luxembourg run, but that market fizzled.
Carry-on allotment
Officially this is limited to one bag with a total of three sides length of 45 inches (115 cm.) This is length + width + height, for example: 22x14x9 inches (55x35x25 cm.), or 2900 cubic inches (50 liters). You may get by with a little more.
Can be shipped on most airlines as long as they are boxed, and count as your second piece of checked luggage. This policy may vary.
Routing tags
Remove old routing tags that may confuse baggage handlers, and be sure your name, address, and phone number is on and inside your luggage in at least two places. For preparing a pack for airline baggage handling.