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Latvian Shipmasters’ Association was founded on 12 December 2001 with the aim to unite shipmasters into a single professional organization dedicated solely to the interests of shipmasters.

Today under the slogan of the Association - For the Safety of Navigation - 172 shipmasters from Latvia are united.

Since 08 April 2004 the Association is a Member of the International Federation of Shipmasters’ Associations (IFSMA).

Since 22 April 2008 the LSMA is an associated, but from 2010 full Member of the Confederation of European Shipmaster`s associations (CESMA).

Main targets of the Association:

To strengthen and encourage the prestige of shipmasters, popularize the history of navigation and seafarer’s profession in Latvia.


¨      To promote the culture of navigation and safety at sea, development of the science of navigation and implementation of newest methods and achievements in navigation.

¨      To establish different funds or other systems to protect the interests of members of the Association and encourage development of professional interests.

¨      To use experience of shipmasters for promoting seafarers’ qualification and consulting on professional issues as well as for popularization of maritime traditions.

¨      To cooperate with shipowners, maritime educational and training institutions, crewing agencies etc.

¨      To participate in seafarers’ competency assessment boards.

¨      To encourage cooperation with colleagues from other Latvian and international maritime organizations.

¨      To organize lectures, meetings and other activities in connection with the targets of the Association

¨      To submit proposals to the government and international organizations on various aspects of maritime sphere.

¨      To inform the society on shipmasters’ viewpoint regarding maritime issues.


In January 2023 the amount members reached 200.