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RULES OF THE ROAD: Ferry Collision at Hong Kong PDF Drukāt E-pasts
Autors Aleksandrs Tregubovs   
Sestdiena, 15 decembris 2012 03:31

Human errors blamed for fatal ferry crash in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Commission of Inquiry into causes behind the deadly ferry collision on October 1, 2012 continued its hearing on December 13, 2012, with a British maritime expert saying the accident resulted from human errors.

British Captain Nigel Robert Pryke told the inquiry that the Hong Kong and Kowloon Ferry was "primarily responsible" for the collision, local media reported.

Pryke said that captain of the vessel had taken a port tack around one minute before the collision, which was in clear contravention of international maritime regulations. Related regulations stipulate that two vessels, which might collide, should take a starboard tack to avoid collision.

Pryke also said the captain of the passenger ship, which was carrying more than 100 people to see the National Day fireworks in the Victoria Harbour and sank shortly after the collision, was not blameless. He said the skipper did not take positive action in time to avoid the collision. 39 people were killed and nearly 100 others injured in the ferry collision. (Xinhua)


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